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Grimmer Named Top Bay Area School for Underserved Students
Posted 4/28/18

Top​​​​​​​The Fremont Unified School District’s (FUSD) Durham and Grimmer Elementary Schools were among the 52 California public schools named as making significant strides toward closing achievement gaps for low-income Latino or low-income African American students.

On April 28, Innovate Public Schools released its annual research report identifying schools where low-income Latino and African-American students showed higher proficiency rates than all students combined in the state during the 2016-17 school year.

For the third-consecutive year, Grimmer Elementary School was recognized for its percentage of low-income Latino students who showed proficiency in Math. Durham Elementary School was also named a Top Bay Area School for its percentage of low-income Latino students proficient in English.

“The schools featured in our latest report show that it is possible to narrow and even close the achievement gaps between students from different racial groups and income levels in the Bay Area,” said Matt Hammer, CEO of Innovate Public Schools. “Public schools should be powerful engines of opportunity and social mobility, and we need to make sure they’re delivering on that promise for all children. We need to do much better for low-income Latino and low-income African American students. We can start by learning from what works at these schools.”

“While we still have a long way to go in making sure that all students across the Bay Area receive an excellent education, these schools are leading the way,” said Thomas Maffai, Director, Research and Policy for Innovate Public Schools.

The schools in this report are all public schools (including both district and charter) that do not have selective admissions. Schools are also excluded based on additional criteria related to enrollment, percentage of students tested and state indicators related to discipline and academic performance. See the list of schools and read the report: