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Counseling Services

What is provided and how do I get support for my


Elementary school counseling encompasses many levels of support for students, families, and teachers!  

Student support is given via individual, group, and classroom lessons.

  • Students will be seen by the counselor for about 8 continuous sessions to learn skills for handling their concerns.  If on-going services are indicated as a need to address family concerns or more severe mental health concerns, I am happy to assist with outside counseling referrals.    

Teacher and parent guidance is also available to support student behavior. 


Social Emotional Supports:

Friendship / Social skills and interactions


Focus and Attention



How to receive services for my child?

Teachers, parents, administrators and students are all able to make referrals for counseling.  Most referrals do come from adults, but please encourage your child to reach out as well if they are in need of support or have a friend who is.  I can be reached via email at!